The details of a loud story about a 12-year-old schoolgirl from Rivne, who, according to animal rights activists, cruelly mocks cats and dreams of killing them have become known. 

Representatives of the humanist movement UAnimals were the first to report this case.

"From publications on social networks and appeals from concerned citizens, we learned that a 12-year-old girl from the Rivne region behaves cruelly with homeless cats, mocking and killing them on camera. She distributed the video of the abuse on her Telegram channel, which after the publicity of her cruel acts actions in social networks, deleted. In her publications on social networks, the girl describes her intention and desire to kill a cat," animal rights activists reported.

Today it became known that the police of the Rivne region, after verifying this information, have already opened criminal proceedings under the article "Cruel treatment of animals".

Maria Yustytska, spokeswoman for the police of the Rivne region, reported this in a comment for

"Criminal proceedings have been opened for this fact. The police still do not have a video showing her killing the cat, accordingly, we cannot state this until this fact is proven," Maria Yustytska clarified. We have screenshots where it is written that she can't think about her lessons and wants to kill the cat."

According to Yustytska, the girl has been identified, she is a resident of one of the villages of the Rivne district: "According to preliminary information, she does not have any mental disorders, but a check is possible as part of the proceedings."

The police also clarified that the girl is from a high-status family, and before that she had not come into the sight of the law enforcement officers.

Our law enforcement sources clarified that the mother of the victim works in a state institution.

To the question of what kind of punishment is possible in the case of proving guilt, the law enforcement officers answered as follows: "According to the court's decision, methods of an educational nature can be applied to the girl."

Scandal with a 12-year-old girl who mocks cats 

In the Rivne region, a 12-year-old schoolgirl posted a video on Telegram mocking homeless cats.

After publicity, the girl released a scandalous video, but animal rights activists noticed it and filed a complaint with the police. 

The law enforcement officers promised to investigate the incident. 

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