Ukrainian presenter and blogger

Masha Efrosinina

aptly responded to haters who criticized her for being too thin.

In general, the celebrity sharply responded by commenting on the photoblog that only her doctor can assign her any diagnoses.

Instead, the presenter advised the haters to look after themselves and not to get into someone else's life.

"Dear, thank you all for the kind words under the previous post and I sincerely do not thank you for all the diagnoses you gave me! I have doctors for this! And you go look at yourself in the mirror and look in your refrigerator - that's you! "

Masha answered sharply.

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Publication by Masha Efrosinina (@mashaefrosinina)

It should be noted that controversy was caused by Efrosinina's video, where she poses in front of a mirror in a black outfit.

Commentators immediately drew attention to Masha's figure and began to advise that she should gain weight, because she is too thin.

Some even began to attribute anorexia to the blogger.

  • Your anorexia will start so soon.

    Take care of yourself and your health, for the sake of your family.

  • Mashenka, don't be offended, please, but thinness is unhealthy

  • Masha, let's eat a little already!

    We don't care.

    We are all under stress!

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