"Bank BTB" OJSC announced its financial indicators for the third quarter of 2022.

During this period, the bank went from profit to loss.

Referring to the report, "APA-Economics" informs that the bank ended the nine months of 2022 with a net loss of 5 million 174 thousand manats.

However, in the nine months of 2021, "Bank BTB" made a net profit of 1 million 174 thousand manats.

According to the results of the third quarter, the bank's interest income increased by 49% compared to the last quarter to 19 million 861.17 thousand manats, interest expenses to 12 million 731.42 thousand manats, non-interest income increased by 44% to 3 million 890.5 thousand, non-interest expenses to 10 million 861.28 thousand.

With this, the operating profit increased by 115% and amounted to 158.97 thousand manats.

During this period, the bank's deposit portfolio amounted to 137 million 354.15 thousand manats, which is 7% more than the same period last year.

30 million 444.07 thousand manats were granted by "Bank BTB" during the reporting period.

10% of the total sales were mortgage loans, 44% were consumer loans, and 46% were loans to business entities.

With this, the loan portfolio increased by 1% and amounted to 254 million 161.39 thousand manats.

The bank sharply increased the allocations to special reserves for possible losses to 5 million 872.55 thousand manats.

This has influenced the bank to end the nine months of this year with a loss rather than a profit.

As of October 1 of this year, the bank's total assets decreased by 0.2% to 361 million 438.35 thousand manats, total liabilities increased by 1.6% to 312 million 120 thousand manats, total capital increased by 8.2% to 53 million 67 thousand manats.