Yushan Tatajia Park enters autumn and winter with a large temperature difference between day and night. Although the sun shines during the day, the temperature is still low.

(reported by reporter Liu Binquan)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Nantou Report] Yushan National Park Tataga Park, on the 23rd of this month, a hiker passed out due to physical discomfort on the trail, and was sent to the hospital for rescue but still died. The mountain is sunny and sunny, but the temperature is still low. If people feel unwell or have cardiovascular disease, they should pay special attention. When hiking in the mountains, you should warm up first, bring a jacket, and do a good job of keeping warm.

A 68-year-old tourist from Yushan Tataga Park recently went hiking on the trail with a group, but suddenly fell ill and fainted on the return trip. The nearby Tataga Team of the Sixth Brigade of Baoqi Corps learned of it and immediately sent personnel to CPR for first aid. Yuguan The officers also brought an AED to assist in the electric shock treatment, but in the end, he died in the hospital.

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According to the Jade Management Office, Yushan Tatajia is 2,610 meters above sea level, and the temperature difference between day and night is large in autumn and winter. For example, the temperature in the early morning is about 9 degrees, it can reach 15 degrees at noon, and it is about 10 degrees in the evening. At night, it can be as low as 8 degrees. Although the sun is shining, the body temperature is still low. People who go hiking on the mountain trails should do a good job of keeping warm.

If you have a third-grade chronic disease, you should pay attention to the impact of low temperature on your body when you go to the mountain area. Do not forcefully go up the mountain. If you are not comfortable with resting or descending, you should inform your companions and call for help to avoid accidents.