Police officers found Lin Nan (right) on the south side of Tiantong Mountain.

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[Reporter Huang Xulei / Kaohsiung Report] A 67-year-old climber and his friends climbed Mt. Chuyun along the Fujizhi Forest Road. Before nightfall, they were trapped in thick fog and lost their way. Police officers climbed the forest road and opened the road with a sickle to find it next to the large collapsed wall on the south side of Tiantong Mountain.

The Liugui Police Branch stated that two climbers including Lin (45 years) set off from Qianzhen District on the 23rd of this week and arrived at Fujieda around 10 am. They climbed along the mountain road to the Izumo Mountain Forest Road. The sky was getting dark, the fog was thick in the valley, and the temperature dropped sharply. Lin Nan left his friends where he was and turned back along the forest road for help.

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Chen Guangzhi, the head of the Sentao police station, said that after receiving the report, he rushed to the rescue with the Forestry Bureau and the Liugui Fire Brigade. The vehicle drove to the entrance of the old guard road. Because the forest road was bumpy and rugged, he went into the mountain to search for it, and the visibility was poor in the thick fog at night. , After searching for more than 2 hours, at about 5:15 in the evening of the same day, Lin Nan and his friends were found next to the collapsed wall on the south side of Tiantong Mountain. Fortunately, they were not injured.

Lin Nan said that he went on an ecological exploration tour of Fujieda with his friends. He was lost in the mountains with unfamiliar routes. It seemed like a ghost was hitting the wall and spinning around the forest road. He was exhausted and had no water to drink. Just breathed a sigh of relief.

The trapped climber (middle) was taken back to the Sentao police station.

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The policeman opened the way with a sickle.

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