Readers, please be spicy!!

How to get a "daughter-in-law" to be like getting a "twin"??

Well ,

"Nong Mild-Suthipha"

and " Naying

Tum KE Group"

are still cloning each other exactly in everything, especially about "work".

Recently, Nong Mild has a splashy idea.

Recently opened a chic design cafe "Mingle", sweeping pastries from famous chefs and gathered at "Crystal Veranda", The Crystal, along the Ekamai-Ramintra Expressway.

It's delicious snacks and there's also a DJ coming to play House Mix songs again. Oh, the customers are full!!

After finishing the event, opening the cafe, "Mother Tum" raised a big family.

"Iam Sakulrat" arranges a flight to travel to Europe aboard the newest Cruise Ritz-Carlton to celebrate the talented daughter-in-law.. Khun Kha

"This person loves you so much!!"

In conclusion, Nai Ying Tum seems to have more daughters, while Nai Noi Win -- looks like she will get 1 more "Mae Tum" ??


"Mr. Lee"