Spain will send 14 of its fighter jets to strengthen NATO's eastern flank as part of the "response and deterrence" strategy.

In particular, the planes along with the military will be transferred to Bulgaria and Romania.

This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Spain.

It is noted that six Eurofighter fighters and 130 military personnel will be sent to Bulgaria between mid-November and early December for training.

Six F18M fighter jets and 130 military personnel will be transferred to Romania.

They will be there from December 2022 to March 2023.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria, Eurofighter fighters should arrive in Bulgaria on November 1 and by December 23.

The pilots will perform airspace protection operations together with the Bulgarian Air Force.

Russia threatens NATO due to expansion to the East

Before the full-scale invasion, Russia demanded that NATO not expand into Eastern Europe and, in particular, not to include Ukraine in the Alliance, but NATO rejected such demands.

The Kremlin said that an alleged NATO member near the Russian borders would pose a threat to them.  

After the invasion, according to military expert Oleg Zhdanov, 

Putin is constantly provoking NATO into direct confrontation. 

As he explained, why is the Russian Federation in direct conflict with the defense alliance, because it is more prestigious to lose to the Alliance than to Ukraine.

So, for two days in a row, Russian planes flew to the borders of one of the NATO countries - Poland.

In order to intercept enemy planes, emergency aircraft were raised and

Italian fighters, which with

deployed in the Polish air patrol mission.

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