German Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again stressed that a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO cannot be allowed, because it is "dangerous". 

The German leader said this in an interview with Welt.

The German politician was asked whether he believes that Russia's war against Ukraine will turn into a world war.

To which Scholz replied: "

I do not assume that.

But at least you should not forget about the danger.

In such a dangerous situation, any careless step is prohibited.

There should be no direct conflict between Russia and NATO."

Scholz assured that Germany will continue to support Ukraine.

He believes that his country is one of the most determined supporters of Ukraine after the United States.

"After the USA, Germany is one of the most determined supporters of Ukraine.

Financially, humanitarianly, and also with weapons.

Germany supplies very important weapons in this war - artillery and air defense.

"Just a few days ago, we handed over Iris-T, the most modern air defense system in the world, which even our Bundeswehr does not have," the Chancellor of Germany said.

Putin is constantly provoking NATO into direct confrontation

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is very irritated by the support of Ukraine's allies, so he recently declared that a direct confrontation between NATO and the Russian army is extremely dangerous, because it 

will turn into a catastrophe of a global scale. 

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that 

Putin constantly provokes NATO to start a war between Russia and the countries of the Alliance.

As he explained, why does the Russian Federation have a direct confrontation with the defense alliance, because it is more prestigious to lose to the Alliance than to Ukraine.

So, for two days in a row, Russian planes flew to the borders of one of the NATO countries - Poland.

In order to intercept enemy planes, emergency aircraft were raised and

Italian fighters, which with

deployed in the Polish air patrol mission.

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