Piyamaharaj Day 23 October every year

Thai people pay tribute to His Majesty

King Chulalongkorn, the reign of King Rama 5, who received the nickname "

Somdej Phra Piyamaharaj

" which means

the King who is the most beloved of the people.

History of Piyamaharaj

His Majesty King Chulalongkorn

His Highness was born on Tuesday, the third day of the waning moon of the 10th month of the Ox, corresponding to Tuesday, September 20, 1853. He ascended the throne after

His Majesty King Mongkut, Rama IV, passed away from wild fever.

After His Highness

He saw the solar eclipse on August 18, 1868. At that time, King Rama 5 was 15 years old, thus appointing a regent.

until the age of 20 years

Therefore, the coronation ceremony

Celebrating His Majesty's name

"His Majesty King Chulalongkorn

Phra Chulalongkorn Klao Chao Yuhua


 Day is one of the important public holidays in Thailand.

various government agencies

Organize a ceremony to decorate the royal portrait

and sacrificial

Bureau of the Royal Household decorated the royal monument

The first royal funeral ceremony was held after the year of the royal cremation.

His Majesty King Chulalongkorn

His Majesty the King

His Highness gave the royal merit

and then came

to present a wreath

He lit incense sticks and candles to pay homage to the royal monument at the courtyard of the Dusit Palace.

In front of the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall

or known as

"Equestrian Statue"

horse statue 

It is the design of a French craftsman.

Created from the money that the people donated for the royal coronation ceremony.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the reign of King Rama V

to perform the opening ceremony by himself

horse statue

Casting in France

By taking a model from the creation of the statue of King Louis XIV of France, King Rama V chose metal while sitting in Paris.

On the second visit to Europe in the year 1907

His Majesty King Chulalongkorn

cast in bronze

It was attached to a golden bronze pedestal.

It is enshrined on a marble pedestal, 6 meters high, 2 meters wide, 5 meters long. At the base are inscribed the names of the potter and the foundry factory.

Krom Phraya Damrong Rajanupap

is the one who bestows the title

"Somdej Phra Piyamaharaj" means the King who is the most beloved of the people.

His Majesty King Chulalongkorn

Reigned for 42 years and performed important royal duties for Siam in many aspects, including:

Important royal duties of King Rama V

  • 1873 Abolish the prostration system

    and the dress code of the soldiers

After requiring soldiers to wear royal robes

To make it look tidy to the eyes of foreigners who come to live in the city more

He also ordered the cancellation of prostrating to the king.

  • the abolition of slavery, the abolition of the commoner system

    and cancel the prostration system

The Emancipation Act, R.E. 124 made all slave children free on April 1, 1905, and there was a stipulation that those who were free would not return to slavery again.

  • In 1874, the National Council of State Advisers was created.

    and build the first school

Established Kulsatri Wanglang School, currently Wattana Wittayalai School

During his reign several schools were established.

set up a temple school

and other religious schools

and proclaiming freedom of religion in Thailand

In that year, copper coins and banknotes were also announced, which the people called “Paper Att”.

  • 1881: Experimenting with the telephone

Trial using the Bangkok-Samut Prakan telephone line

This is the first year that Siam has a telephone.

  • 1883 Established the Post and Telegraph Department

Established a postal and telegraph system in Bangkok for communication in Bangkok.

  • 1888 A new central government system was established.

    and build a hospital

Established administrative system, county, Thesaphiban, district and province. Wang Lang Hospital was built, later "Siriraj Hospital".

  • 1890: Thai people used electricity for the first time

Bangkok residents use electricity for the first time

After building the first power plant in Thailand

  • 1891, the Railway Department was established

Established the Railway Department to construct the Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima Railway

and operated the first private railway in 1893

  • 1893 Established the Thai Red Cross Society

The Thai Red Cross Society has participated in helping people during the war.

  • 1909, Thai people have tap water for the first time.

People used tap water for the first time in July 1909 from raising the level of water production to be clean as standard.

through the digging of a canal from the Chiang Rak Noi River, Pathum Thani Province, into Samsen.

In addition, many important road bridges were built in the Phra Nakhon area.

to expand transport routes

Changed from traveling by boat to land.

Worshiping Phra Piyamaharaj

horse statue

front marble plinth

Inscribe the words of blessings to the King for a long time.

In front of the statue, there are often people who come to pay their respects.

Especially on October 23 of every year

People will bring pink roses, the color of Tuesday.

On the day of His Majesty the King's birthday, besides October 23, people also like to come to worship on Tuesday night at 22.00 because they believe that His Highness will come and sit at the royal equestrian statue.

Arrangement of altar tables for offerings to pay homage to Phra Piyamaharaj

Things that are popularly arranged on the altar table to pay homage to Phra Piyamaharat include Bai Sri, betel nuts, cigarettes, liquor, guava liquor, holy water, candlesticks, incense burners, etc.

Paying homage to Phra Piyamaharaj

Siam Thewanuphavena

Siamatewa Techasa

Dukkharokhabhaya Vera Sopha Santu capaddava Anega Antarayapi Vinassantu Asesato Jayasith Thanang Laphang Sotbhibhaka Young Sukha Power Siri Ayu jawanno ca bhokhang wutthi ja yasawa satawassa ja ya jeivasiddi bhavanta me