• Yodting

    villagers, Village No. 20, Sila Subdistrict, Mueang Khon Kaen District

    Endure with the problem of water and water supply that does not flow after 11 PM for several months.

    Today, even during the day, the water pressure is still low, causing the water to flow so weak that it almost doesn't flow. I haven't been able to ask to the Khon Kaen Provincial Waterworks Authority. The answer is what causes the villagers to have water shortage. PWA can help clarify their concerns.. .

  • Inconvenient

    People use the service at Hua Hin Hospital, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, saying that the hospital uses an iron fence to block it.

    Parking in the front parking lot that used to be free, but will be given to use the parking lot in the building that has to have a service fee. I asked the security guard and said it was a policy. The patient's management, physically ill, asked the hospital to be sympathetic to want to park comfortably. climb...

  • Foreigners

    . Local people complain often. Overpass, people crossing in front of Big C mall, Thepharak Road, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. There are many alien beggar groups. They have settled down to ask for money for a long time without any agency to check. And on the bridge is very dirty. Smell. Urine so cloudy that you don't want to pass.

    Responsible agencies, including the police and the Provincial Police, check...

  • Afraid of falling

    , please fix it. Road 340, Bang Bua Thong - Suphan Buri, inbound, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province, from Khlong Chek to Bang Bua Thong, is damaged, is a hole and breaks into a deep trenches, with the edge of the asphalt bulging, bumping and jumping. Accidents happen often. The motorcyclist complains that each time he encounters a pit and a pit, the rider has to tense his buttocks, tensing his legs until they almost cramp...


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