The tallest statue of Mazu in the world was officially unveiled.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] The controversial statue of Mazu in Penghu was unveiled today. The world's tallest bronze statue of Mazu, which is 48 meters high, was officially unveiled to the world. Since it was once the mass grave of the Magong No. 1 Cemetery, the Penghu County Government invited eminent monks from Foguang Mountain. A sprinkler ceremony will be held, and a lighting event will be held in the evening. Phase 2 and 3 projects will be carried out in the future.

The twists and turns of the Mazu statue in Penghu was originally the construction of the Okura Island Mazu Cultural Park under the tenure of the former county magistrate Wang Ganfa, despite the opposition from the outside world. The project, but the county treasury has wasted 300 million public funds.

At that time, the bronze statue of Mazu had also been cast, and the bronze statue could only be stored in the original warehouse of the foundry in Changhua. After six years of storage, the county government still had to pay the foundry's high rent of more than 5 million yuan every year.

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After Lai Fengwei took office in 2018, he actively searched for a solution. After a county-wide poll, he re-selected the site. Finally, the Zhongguang Development Zone in Magong City was selected as the final site. With the approval of the parliament, the whole case was within the scope of the original approved funding, and the remaining budget was 250 million yuan. , to build the "Penghu Mazu Tourism and Cultural Park".

The "Penghu Mazu Tourism and Cultural Park" is divided into three phases. After the completion of the first phase of the bronze statue project, there will be a second phase of the park and a third phase of surrounding squares.

Today’s unveiling event was held by the executive vice abbots of Fo Guang Shan, Master Hui Chuan, Master Hui Pei, and Master Hui Qing, who presided over the sprinkling ceremony. Chang Wang Ganfa, former legislator Lin Bingkun, Yan Qingbiao, and representatives of the Thean Hou Temple in Macau all participated in the grand event, and followed the sprinkler team to circle around the Buddha statue, and then took a car to circle the park for 2 circles. In the evening, a lighting ceremony is held.

Since the Mazu Cultural Park was built on the mass grave, the eminent monks from Fo Guang Shan came across the sea to hold a cleansing ceremony.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)

Mazu held a sprinkling ceremony inside, and the layout seemed familiar.

(Photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)