Chancellor of Germany

Olaf Scholz

said that Vladimir Putin will not be able to achieve his goals in Ukraine and in Europe, the West will provide Ukraine with military support.

Ukrinform writes about this.

According to him, Putin's brutality in Ukraine, his use of energy and hunger as a weapon, the incredible jump in inflation - all this became a test for Europe and the world that had not been seen for a decade.

Putin resorts to terror in Ukraine, uses irresponsible nuclear rhetoric.

"He is wrong, we will not allow us to be divided... Our country stands together, Europe stands together, in solidarity with each other and with Ukraine. Putin will not achieve his goals," Scholz emphasized.

The chancellor emphasized that currently Ukraine needs artillery and air defense equipment the most.

He reminded that the first IRIS-T air defense system was handed over to Ukraine last week, ahead of schedule.

 "Deliberate attacks on civilians are a war crime, but this scorched-earth tactic will not help Putin win this war. Ukraine will successfully defend itself, and we will help it as much as necessary," the chancellor emphasized.

Support of Germany

 At the beginning of October, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht 

arrived in Odesa .

 She announced the prompt delivery of the first promised unit of the IRIS-T ground air defense system.

German Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena 

Berbok expressed her support for Ukraine


According to her, there is currently no chance that the peace talks will end the war that Russia started against Ukraine.

He said that the proposals of the Russian president-dictator Vladimir Putin are contrary to peace.

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