In the student dormitory of Waheningham University in the Netherlands, an anti-Xi Jinping poster showing solidarity with the warriors of Sitong Bridge in Beijing appeared, but it was torn up by a local little pink.

(Excerpted from Vincent Yeers Twitter)

[International News Center/Comprehensive Report] On the eve of the 20th National Congress (20th National Congress) of the Communist Party of The poster of "Tongqiao Warriors" was rumored to have been damaged by the local "little pink". In the Netherlands, there were Chinese students who were tearing up the posters, and even threatened the posters to "surrender themselves", claiming that there was support from the school and officials behind them, and they wanted " Walk the Way for Heaven."

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that the "WeChat" account calling himself "Zhu Zihao" posted a post claiming that a similar poster appeared in the student dormitory of Wageningen University in the Netherlands, but under his "personal supervision", All "illegal posters" have been removed, and the school's principal has been negotiated with the school's principal.

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"Zhu Zihao" claimed that the school said that such acts of "hatred, reactionary, and destruction of the Sino-Dutch friendship" seriously violated the values ​​of the school and the Dutch government. If the posters are students and staff of the school, they will be severely punished.

"Zhu Zihao" even warned the posters to surrender themselves, otherwise they would pay the price for their actions.

The video of tearing up the posters released by "Zhu Zihao" attracted attention after being forwarded by local democrat Vincent Yeers. Vincent Yeers and many netizens asked the school to explain the matter.

The report quoted comments pointing out that these "little pinks" who tore up posters were instructed by the Chinese embassy to create white terror and create a chilling effect. They called on the West to strengthen legislation to prevent the infiltration of Chinese agents, and hoped that Western universities and colleges abide by moral values. Defend academic and freedom of speech.

However, Wahoningham University said in response to RFA's inquiry that "Zhu Zihao"'s claim that the university will cooperate with him in suppressing freedom of speech is not true, and the university reiterates its consistent position of respecting freedom of speech.

Vincent Yeers pointed out that the Chinese embassy sponsors the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars in the Netherlands (ACSSNL) in the Netherlands, wooing them to act as the mouthpiece of the Chinese government to monitor other Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Uyghur students.

Vincent Yeers said that they have written to the city hall, universities and police, asking the authorities to investigate "Zhu Zihao"'s fabricated facts and intimidation, and called on the EU to pay attention.

Pro-democratie posters werden verscheurd door Chinese tuig, tot zover de vrijheid van meningsuiting in universiteit van Wageningen, in NEDERLAND. (1/n) #Wageningen #Nederland #CCP #China

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