3,000 Russian servicemen have wanted to voluntarily surrender to the Armed Forces since the start of the "I want to live" state project.

The speaker of the project, Vitaliy Matvienko, told about this at a briefing on October 20.

"Since the start of the project, we have already received more than 3,000 requests from the Russian military. For security reasons, we are not naming the number of those who voluntarily surrendered," said the spokesman for "I want to live".

He noted that the project fully justified itself, because

the Russian military is actively surrendering. 

There are also positive results from the fact that information about the project spreads quickly in the Russian Federation.

Matvienko also informed that the project's hotline is mostly contacted by families, relatives of Russian military personnel, as well as those Russians who are waiting for a summons.

Appeals are often received from active Russian military personnel who are already on the territory of Ukraine.

"At the beginning of the start of the project and its publicity, we were mostly approached by those who were soon to be mobilized. And now

the frequency of appeals goes towards the mobilized and those who are already on the territory of Ukraine

", Matvienko said.

Capture of the occupiers

Recently, many newly mobilized Russian soldiers have been captured in Ukraine. For example, in Kharkiv Oblast, two Russian soldiers were captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who managed to fight in Ukraine for only two days.

Russia was concerned about the large number of applications from military personnel who want to surrender to the Armed Forces.

Therefore, the Prosecutor General's Office of the country decided to block the operation of the Ukrainian website "I want to live".

Note that, regarding the release of Russians from Ukrainian captivity, the aggressor country most actively tries to return officers and pilots, sending appropriate requests.

And the least - representatives of the "LPR" and "DNR".

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