Ke Jianming emphasized that Gao Hongan is not forever the arrogant daughter of heaven, and Fei Taofei's laurels cannot cover up his criminal behavior.

(Photo by reporter Chen Zhengyu)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu of the People's Party, served as the business director of Kezhi Company during his tenure at the Information Policy Committee, involving "inappropriate part-time jobs".

The Legislative Yuan's Democratic Progressive Party group called Ke Jianming today (20th) to shout to Gao Hongan, "You are not forever the arrogant girl of the sky, Fei Taofei's crown can't cover up a criminal act", calling on her to prove her innocence and stop talking nonsense.

Zhuo Zhenghong, the CEO of the Information Policy Association, confirmed yesterday that Gao Hongan also served as the business director of Kezhi Enterprise when he served in the Information Policy Association. After investigation, it was determined that Gao did not file a part-time job at the time. Doing things for other companies involves violating the labor contract, which is an "improper part-time job" and will be resolved in accordance with the law.

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In this regard, Ke Jianming said in an interview today that he would first say a word to Gao Hongan, "You are not the eternal daughter of heaven, and Fei Taofei's laurels can't cover your criminal behavior." Gao Hongan participated in the questioning of the Economic Committee yesterday. , it was possible to make a claim but not to do so at the time.

Gao Hongan was the "Victory Group in Life" during the ten years of the Information Policy Council. He created so many things in these ten years, including getting a doctorate, going to Hon Hai, becoming a legislator, and now running for the mayor of Hsinchu. This is a perfect plan, but if Taken apart, the past ten years have been parasitizing fundraising associations, shaming the public and benefiting private individuals, and profiting themselves.

Ke Jianming pointed out that the Information Policy Council has already filed a lawsuit, but Gao Hongan still has no way to answer and never wants to face the question. The Information Policy Council answered it clearly yesterday. The legal issues behind Gao Hongan are more important, including civil and criminal issues. , it can be seen that her perfect plan has exploded, and she also said that the DPP is operating the state apparatus against her, but Gao Hongan has many opportunities to defend herself in the Legislative Yuan's questioning. There is no pressure problem. It is innocent, "Can you challenge the prosecutor's investigation power? Can you challenge the law?" Gao Hongan deceived the whole country by herself.

The latter legal issues are more important, civil and criminal issues.

Ke Jianming emphasized that as a politician running for the mayor of Hsinchu, Gao Hongan's values, integrity and trust are very important. "Who dares to vote for you? It's air for you to be a citizen of Hsinchu?" In dealing with people's affairs, attitude and character are very important, and they must gain the trust of the people.

The citizens of Hsinchu are very rational. This city has its own dignity and glory. Whether this election is going up or down is a choice of value, and how can a person who is arrogant, lies and escapes be fit to be the mayor?

As for whether to call on Gao Hongan to explain the "illegal part-time job" part?

Ke Jianming emphasized that this is not just a matter of workplace ethics, but also a legal issue. The Information Policy Association only implicitly said that Gao Hongan has a problem of not fulfilling his obligations in the labor contract, but all the employees of the Information Policy Association have certain ways to go out for part-time jobs. Including where to go, how much salary, how long to report, Gao Hongan went directly to Kezhi Company without filing, whether the relevant funds should be recovered.

In addition, Gao Hongan's property declaration and the shares of Kezhi Company will be a very serious issue in the future. They will do anything to benefit themselves or defraud public funds.