Greece is shaken by a sexual scandal involving a 12-year-old girl who was raped by more than 200 clients within a few months, reports "Trud".

The toddler, who comes from a poor family and lives in the center of Athens, Sepolia area, was seduced by a neighborhood shop owner who then sold the toddler's body to other customers for a sum of 50 to 70 euros.

Sexual assault on a famous mountaineer from Kosovo

The case began to unravel after the girl's phone fell into the hands of her aunt, who saw in it erotic messages about meetings with clients and immediately informed the police.

So far, the investigation has revealed that the toddler was threatened at gunpoint by the shopkeeper to keep him quiet.

The meetings usually took place in the customers' cars in the Sepolia metro area.

According to the girl's testimony, she was also taken to a brothel, where she was raped by 5 men within 20 minutes.

The case blew up Greek society.

3 men were arrested, and other customers are being sought from the girl's viber and social networks.