Anti-bribery election oath!

The Hsinchu City Government has joined hands with procuratorial police, integrity investigation and other units to increase the bribery check bonus of 10 million yuan, calling on citizens to report bravely and create a clean election style.

(Photo by reporter Hong Meixiu)

[Reporter Hong Meixiu / Hsinchu Report] Hsinchu City Hall joined hands with prosecutors, police officers, investigators, and Lian to hold an anti-bribery election swearing-in campaign today. Acting Mayor Chen Zhangxian said that no violence or money will be allowed to affect the election. The second reserve fund of 10 million yuan has been activated, as a performance bonus for police investigation of bribery, to support the police to actively investigate and be brave in arresting, and also encourage the public to take the initiative to report bribery and create a clean election style.

Shen Fengliang, deputy director of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, said that the minimum amount is 500,000 and the maximum is 10 million!

This is easier than winning the lottery. We encourage villagers to take the initiative to report to the investigation station, the police station and the local prosecutor’s office if they find any bribery, or call the reporting hotline: 0800-024099. As long as the verification is true, the bonus will be awarded to create a good election together. surroundings.

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Zhang Jieqin, the chief prosecutor of the Hsinchu District Prosecutor's Office, also said that more than 100 cases of electoral bribery have been reported so far. The District Prosecutor's Office will strictly investigate and handle them, and maintain a neutral and objective position. , calling on the public to be brave enough to report and become the leading soldiers in the fight against bribery.

In addition, a series of anti-bribery election activities will also start on the 22nd (Saturday). Every weekend, 6 pop-up events will be held at Fuqian Square, Chenghuang Temple, Guandi Temple, Hsinchu Railway Station, Jucheng, and Boguang Market. , cheerleading, magic show and other performances to promote anti-bribery elections.