Defense Minister

Oleksiy Reznikov 

thanked the Italian government for providing Ukraine with a new package of military aid.

The head of the Ministry of Defense announced this on Twitter.

The minister emphasized that he "highly appreciates" Italy's support.

However, Reznikov did not disclose the details of the package.

"We are very grateful to the Italian government and Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini for providing a new package of military aid to Ukraine, which will help us significantly increase our defense capabilities against Russian aggression," the Ukrainian Defense Minister wrote. 

Military aid to Ukraine

Against the background of the massive Russian missile attacks of the Russian Federation on Ukraine, a meeting took place in the "Ramstein" format.

During the event, the Allies promised to strengthen Ukrainian air defense.

In particular, NATO Secretary General 

Jens Stoltenberg said

that Ukraine will receive more air defense systems from allies, as well as means to combat drones. 

Many countries of the world announced their help.

How the West will help protect Ukraine from missile attacks and attacks by Iranian drones - in the article: 

Additional air defense systems and means of combating drones: what Ukraine will receive from allies.

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