In the Kharkiv region, two Russian soldiers were lucky.

They fell into the hands of the Armed Forces and thereby saved their lives.

Ukrainian defenders posted a video of "mobs" from Russia on the Internet.

"Luckily, we won the jackpot. 2 days here - and we already have it," commented the Ukrainian fighter in the video.

The occupiers stayed at the front for only two days.

They were transferred to Ukraine as part of "partial" mobilization.

One of the prisoners is from Lipetsk, the other is from Ryazan.

Due to the fact that both soldiers surrendered, they will return home alive - they will be exchanged for Ukrainian defenders.

"We're lucky, we won the jackpot: two days here - and we're already here"

Two thugs from Ryazan and Lipetsk were captured after only two days at the front.

And this means - they will live and return home, to their families on exchange.

— Kharkiv will give food to the Russians!

(@kharkiv_warnews) October 17, 2022

Note that Ukraine adheres to international conventions regarding the treatment of prisoners of war.

To surrender, you can call the following numbers: 

+38-066-580-34-98, +38-093-119-29-84. 

Chatbot "I want to live" ( was also created, where applications from military personnel of the Russian Federation are accepted.

If the chatbot does not work for some reason, then Russian servicemen can contact the SBU.

We will remind that in the Kherson region a unit of the occupiers surrendered.

Before that, Russian soldiers shot the commander because he was rehearsing and getting in their way.

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