Only 962 are the wealthy pensioners who, from October 1, take the new ceiling of BGN 3,400. This number does not include people who receive the maximum pension, including widows' or invalidity supplements.

This is shown by online data of the National Insurance Institute (NII), quoted by "24 Chasa".

There are 9 times more men who receive maximum pensions, and only 111 women with pensions of BGN 3,400.

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Half of the rich pensioners are from Sofia.

There are 85 people in Plovdiv, and 72 in Varna. There is one person each with a pension of BGN 3,400 in Vidin, Silistra and Targovishte.

294 with the maximum pension were under the command - military, police and court guards.

294 were miners, divers, workers in heavy industry.

From the beginning of the month, the maximum pension became BGN 3,400. This was the second increase this year.

The first was in July, when they rose from BGN 1,500 to BGN 2,000.

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Raising the ceiling does not mean that all pensioners who received BGN 2,000 in September received BGN 1,400 more as of October 1.

The higher amount is only for adults whose actual size is BGN 3,400 or more.

Thus, if a person in September had an actual calculated amount of the pension of BGN 2,600, because of the ceiling he received BGN 2,000, and now he will receive his real money, for which he has paid insurance over the years.

In reality, the lifting of the ceiling affected a total of 30,835 people.

5,000 people received an increase in pensions under the leva

Of these, 22,948 already receive pensions between BGN 2,000 and BGN 2,500. 5,741 pensioners receive between BGN 2,500 and BGN 3,000. And for another 1,181 people, they are already between BGN 3,000 and BGN 3,400.

The decision to make the pension ceiling equal to the maximum insurance income was taken by the government of Kiril Petkov.

Since the beginning of the year, the 3 "golden years" have disappeared and pensions are calculated only with the income from 2000, therefore the maximum insurance income is a natural limiter of the newly granted pensions.

The reason why there is still a limit, the former rulers argued, is that there was some distortion in the past.

Years ago, there was no maximum insurance income, and the National Insurance Institute has a digital archive from 1997. This would allow, in limited cases, a person to be insured for huge sums for very short periods and in return to receive a pension of over BGN 10,000.

This is how much the average pension will be after the recalculation from October 1

These pensions are units, but there are also a few that, due to the recalculation and modernization over the years, have reached BGN 20,000. A little over 242,000 are Bulgarians who receive pensions between BGN 1,000 and 2,000. On the other side of the "rich" pensioners there are 736,505 Bulgarians who receive amounts up to BGN 467. Since October 1, the average pension in our country has reached BGN 664.93. In Sofia it is the highest and is BGN 820.57, while in Kardzhali it is BGN 290 smaller - BGN 530.43