On Monday, October 17, Ukraine will have wonderful sunny weather.

It will be dry, and it will warm up during the day.

On Tuesday, according to Ukrainian meteorologist Natalka Didenko, warming is expected - up to +17-22 degrees.

"However, it will rain on Wednesday-Thursday, snow is likely in the Carpathians on October 20, atmospheric cold fronts (map) from northwestern Europe will bring significant cooling. And the current +14-20 degrees will change to +6-12 degrees," she said Dadenko

The specialist warned Ukrainians about heating homes.

"Without heating, it will be very cold in the apartments, rapid jumps in atmospheric pressure and degrees can negatively affect health, mood, and work capacity - prepare for such a sharp change in weather. This is only autumn getting older," she added.

Weather in Kyiv

In the capital, Monday and Tuesday, October 17-18, according to Natalka Didenko, will be like "an Easter egg - beautiful, sunny, bright and warm."

Tomorrow, Monday, it will be +16 degrees in the capital, and +20 degrees on Tuesday.

"Pick up apples, pumpkins, sycamores, viburnum, rake leaves with the children in the park, take a walk in light white sneakers before winter," the specialist warned.

But on Wednesday, cloudiness and humidity will increase in Kyiv, a light rain will pass, and the air temperature will begin to decrease.

And on Thursday afternoon only +7-9 degrees is expected.

Will it remain warm at the end of October?

"It seems that women want to rest a little after their summer. This coming cooling is not final yet, there will still be warming in October," Didenko added.

We will remind you that the 

climatologist told what winter will be like in Ukraine.

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