The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Ukraine was temporarily closed.

The employees of this diplomatic and consular mission continue to carry out their work from Belgrade until the conditions for their return are created.

This is stated on the website of the embassy.

The embassy also provided information and contacts regarding appeals and assistance.

Yes, assistance will be available 24/7 to all citizens of Serbia who are still in Ukraine in the next period.

"They can apply by

telephone numbers: (+381-11) 3068-888 and (+381-11) 3068-884

or by


the message reads.

Also, citizens of the country can apply to the embassies of the Republic of Serbia in the countries bordering Ukraine.

We remind you that on February 13, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia recommended that citizens of the Republic of Serbia, who are in Ukraine, consider the possibility of temporarily leaving the territory of this country, and those citizens who were planning a trip to Ukraine, to postpone their trip.

Earlier, the Embassy of Egypt in Kyiv, like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, called on its citizens to leave Ukraine "as soon as possible."

It will be recalled that on October 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China once again appealed to its citizens in Ukraine 

to leave the country immediately due to the "serious security situation".

It is noted that the Ukrainian embassy in China will provide assistance in organizing the move, which the authorities call an evacuation.

Also, the Chinese are persistently asked not to delay leaving the country.

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