In response to Lu Xiuyan's running around to help the election, Cai Qichang believes that, as the media said, Lu Yi is in the presidential and vice-presidential elections, but the citizens of Taichung cannot accept the election of the mayor and the vice-president immediately.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung report] Following the north to help the KMT Hsinchu mayor candidate Lin Gengren stand on the platform, and the Taiwan People's Party Hsinchu mayor candidate Gao Hongan "fit", Taichung mayor Lu Xiuyan (KMT), who is running for re-election, can be called Taiwan's running around In the past two days, it is expected to be an auxiliary election for Beishi candidate Jiang Wanan and others. In this regard, Cai Qichang, a candidate for mayor of Taichung from the DPP, explained that Lu Xiuyan is "don't ask my own voters, please ask voters in other counties and cities everywhere", "eat the bowl." Look outside the bowl", as the media said, Lu Xiuyan is planning the future presidential election?

He emphasized that the citizens of Taichung cannot accept the election of the president and vice president after the election of the mayor.

Lu Xiuyan supported elections all over Taiwan. Among them, the most notable thing is that Lu Xiuyan went to Hsinchu City on the 8th of this month to stand for the KMT Hsinchu mayoral candidate Lin Gengren. He also endorsed Gao Hongan, who was accused of plagiarism and infringement, and said, "I personally believe in her professional and academic ability." The media, including famous people, have speculated that Lu Xiuyan intends to be the president and vice president, and Lu Xiuyan has tried to communicate with the Taiwanese people. The party cooperates to test the temperature of the "blue and white" first.

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In this regard, Cai Qichang questioned again today (15th) that he ran for mayor of Taichung himself, running more than 20 games and more than 10 performances a day. , asked her to stay in Taichung, she said that she would be busy with the municipal administration, go out to help people and support elections, and combine with the Kuomintang candidates, but she has a lot of time, and her own voters do not ask, but ask voters from other counties and cities everywhere, this is Lu The mayor's attitude towards this election".

As for the reason why Lu Xiuyan has been supporting elections everywhere, and even "fitted" with the People's Party candidate?

Cai Qichang analyzed whether, as the media said, Lu Xiuyan is "eating inside the bowl and watching outside the bowl". The mayor of Taichung is running for the election, but the presidential and vice-presidential elections are scheduled for half a year (the Kuomintang president and vice-president are expected in the middle of tomorrow). nominated)?

If Lu Xiuyan does not really want to be the mayor of Taichung, she will go to the election of the president and vice president, and Cai Qichang will serve the citizens of Taichung mayor.

Cai Qichang also emphasized that Lu Xiuyan "is currently electing the mayor of Taichung, but she has been thinking about the election of the president and vice president, running around everywhere, and is unwilling to be in Taichung. Acts of irresponsibility to the public."