Chen Xuanye said that because he did not have many resources, the volunteers tried their best to help him, hoping to increase his exposure.

(Provided by Chen Xuanye's campaign headquarters)

[Reporter Lin Minzhen/Taichung report] Election day is approaching day by day, and various candidates are actively organizing campaign activities. Former legislator Chen Baiwei's cousin and Taichung city councilor candidate Chen Xuanye went the opposite way. Today (15th), he and local volunteers He went to the Great Wall Trail in Dadu District to clean the mountain. He said that the representatives of public opinion should take good care of the land and residents. The campaign team decided to clean the mountain after work. This action is more meaningful than the election. He also promised If elected in the future, they will regularly organize groups to clean mountains and do public welfare.

Chen Xuanye said that because he has few resources, the volunteers have tried their best to help, hoping to increase the exposure. After seeing the news of Jingshan, he was moved by the news and arranged to organize a group of Jingshan in his spare time.

"Love the land, love the villagers" is his original intention. This time, he loves the mountains and forests and takes care of the villagers. He hopes to bring a different look to the election campaign, with less smoke and more warmth.

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Mr. Xie, a volunteer representative, said that he saw a lot of garbage along the way, in addition to bottles and cans, cigarette butts, paper scraps, and even a lot of whole bags of garbage, thinking that animals and plants in the mountains and forests must live with these garbage, even when it rains It is heartbreaking to be washed into the river and the sea. In the future, more people will be invited to Jingshan.

In addition to Jingshan, the volunteer group also set up a tea service station on the spot to provide climbers with freshly brewed coffee, bottled water, gummies, facial masks and other supplies. The people said that it was very thoughtful and creative to have such a service during the summit break.

In the past, candidates usually only prayed at the entrance. They had never seen volunteers follow them all the way up the mountain, picking up trash along the way, and gossiping with the people. They were very moved.

After the event, Chen Xuanye and the volunteers agreed that in the future, there will be another mountain-cleaning event on the Longjing Nanliao Trail, Wuri and other places to combine the election work with the people's life. The waste is thrown into the mountains".