plan to strengthen measures to protect critical infrastructure against the background of sabotage on the Russian-German gas pipeline at sea and on railway infrastructure.   

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Germany, Nancy Feser, announced this in an interview with the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ukrinform reports.

"Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine means a turning point in internal security as well. We are preparing for it. The protection of our critical infrastructure has the highest priority," she emphasized.

According to her, the relevant authorities are taking additional protection measures where necessary.

This applies in particular to maritime infrastructure, the protection of which has already been strengthened through a significant increase in the presence of the federal police in maritime waters.

By the end of this year, it is also planned to present the key points of the law, which will regulate the protection of critical infrastructure. 

Explosions on "Nordic Streams"

On September 26, it became known about the depressurization of two threads of the first "Nord Stream" and one - "Nord Stream-2".

At that time, the Kremlin

"did not rule out the possibility of sabotage


In Ukraine, the incident was called "a planned terrorist attack and an act of aggression by Russia against the EU."

After the explosion, gas leaked into the Baltic Sea for

several days

Meanwhile, investigators from Sweden claim that Nord Stream was deliberately blown up.

Evidence points to serious sabotage. 

Russian president-dictator Vladimir

Putin called the Nord Stream explosions

"an act of international terrorism aimed at undermining Europe's energy security."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine also warned that Russia may be preparing

provocations by damaging the Turkish Stream gas pipeline in

order to limit the supply of gas to Europe.

After Russia's missile attacks on critical infrastructure facilities in Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense of the

Czech Republic announced the strengthening of protection of such facilities in the country.

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