Three heads of regional offices and a former head of the Traffic Police Department are present in the report on the investigation into the provision of a "police umbrella" over Georgi Semerdzhiev, who caused the brutal accident on Cherni Vrah Blvd. in Sofia, in which two young women died.

This was stated by the acting Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev

Ivan Demerdzhiev is a lawyer with over 20 years of experience.

He was born in 1975 in Plovdiv.

In 2001, in the program "The Day Begins" on BNT.

"The mantra is repeated that they have increased the number of cases involving Ministry of Internal Affairs officials doing one or the other. They have not increased the number of cases, but the cases in which they are caught have increased. This is the first system in Bulgaria that found the strength to start cleaning itself. No I know of an investigator or a prosecutor being caught doing anything. The MIA is the first system that found the strength to get rid of people who tarnish the name of the system. Until yesterday, these officials did not try to hide, but took off their official cards and passed unimpeded. Now they don't dare to take out their official cards. In order for them to disappear, they must be caught, found guilty and punished," noted Demerdzhiev.

According to him, the change of key figures in the Ministry of the Interior will take place within 7-10 days.

And he added that entire structures in the system were filled and created to serve other purposes, beyond the protection of order.

A sector chief and a group chief in the capital's "Road Police" helped Semerdzhiev

"I will not replace people who are doing their professional duties. I don't care who has what biases outside the office. If he is doing his duties, I don't care who he sympathizes with. So far there have been many cases where professionalism has been ignored at the expense of political biases - people convenient for the political leadership have been replaced," the interior minister added. 

Demerdzhiev sharply criticized the work of the prosecutor's office.

According to him, the prosecution is trying to influence the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs through pre-trial proceedings against them.

"There is almost no senior official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who has not initiated pre-trial proceedings, which are used for pressure. For fear of getting a new one, they comply with the prosecutor's office," pointed out Minister Demerdzhiev.

According to him, the meetings of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev with residents of the capital's "Faculty" district after the accident with the dead taxi driver only contributed to increasing the tension.

Regarding the burnt car that caused the serious accident in Shumen, in which a 22-year-old woman was killed, Demerdzhiev pointed out that the prosecutor's office prohibited the Ministry of Internal Affairs from releasing data on the case, and subsequently the Ministry of Internal Affairs was accused of concealing information.

According to the data from the security cameras, the car fire was not caused by human intervention.

Geshev reassures the people from "Faculty": We will not acquit anyone guilty!

In a similar way, the prosecutor's office stopped the officers of the "Internal Security" department from arresting the police officers accompanying the car that caused the serious accident on the "Ring Road" in Sofia, on the grounds that they would hinder the investigation, said Demerdzhiev.

After what happened on the Ring Road, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is planning more measures.

"They will equip all cars with the necessary equipment so that we don't have to use random cameras in such cases, and when there is a question about what happened, it can be understood immediately," he said.

Minister Demerdzhiev also stated that he would remain working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Whether he is ready to work in a regular cabinet depends on the composition of the parties and coalitions that support him.

Ivan Demerdzhiev