NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Allies will focus on

air defense

systems for Ukraine.

Strengthening the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine will be a priority topic for discussion.  

He said this at a briefing in Brussels before the beginning of the meeting of the defense ministers of the member countries of the Alliance, writes UNIAN.

"The top priority will be more air defense systems for Ukraine," he emphasized.

The NATO Secretary General also said that at the meeting with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, "the message of the NATO allies will be that we are unwavering in our support for Ukraine, that we are prepared for the long term, and that we will support the Ukrainians as long as necessary."

The sixth session in the "Rammstein" format

The next

meeting in the Rammstein format will

be held on October 12-13 at the NATO headquarters


The participants of the meeting will primarily discuss the provision of air defense systems to Ukraine.

The heads of defense agencies and military commanders from almost 50 countries around the world will take part in the meeting.

They will discuss Russia's war against Ukraine, as well as further close coordination "to provide the Ukrainian people with the means necessary to defend their sovereign territory."

Natalya Halibarenko, Ukraine's ambassador to NATO, announced earlier that

Ukraine's application for membership in the Alliance could also be discussed at Ramstein.

Before the NATO ministerial meeting, Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that the defeat of Ukraine in the war against Russia

would also mean the defeat of NATO.

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