Ukrainian troops raise the Ukrainian flag in the town of Arkhanhersk.

(Picture taken from Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Russia sent troops to invade Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces achieved many results on the southern front. It was reported that the Ukrainian army had recaptured the town of Kherson-Arkhanhersk and raised the Ukrainian flag there.

The Twitter account "@WhereisRussia" posted a video on Twitter PO. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces can be seen standing on the roof of a building. They are tying the Ukrainian flag to the heights of the building. The account "Ukrainian troops liberated the town of Arkhanhersk in the Kherson region," he tweeted.

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The Russian-Ukrainian war has not yet ended, and the Russian army has gradually been defeated and retreated in the war. Jeremy Fleming, director of the British intelligence agency "Government Communications Headquarters" (GCHQ), said that there are various signs that Russia is gradually in the war of aggression against Ukraine. With no ammunition, the Russian people gradually discovered that Putin had misjudged the situation in Russia and Ukraine. Many people who were drafted into the army were trying their best to escape the "partial mobilization order", and those who were sent to the front surrendered one after another.


Ukrainian troops have liberated the town of Arkhanhelske, Kherson region. #Ukraine #Russia

— WhereisRussiaToday (@WhereisRussia) October 11, 2022