Senior officers of the


of Russia and their families received evacuation routes from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

This was reported by the Center of National Resistance.   

"While the occupation authorities are telling the TOT residents that they have everything under control, the Russians have already prepared evacuation plans. It is already known that the families of Gauleiters and "leaders" of the districts have begun to leave the TOT. As well as the top military leadership," the report says.

It is also noted that families of FSB employees in Crimea received the evacuation plan.

Escape of Russians from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

According to the General Staff of Ukraine, the occupation authorities of Crimea are

planning to escape from the peninsula.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that the occupied Crimea is beginning to turn

into a dead end for collaborators


They are already fleeing from the occupied territories of Ukraine to Crimea, and it is not known where they will run next.

The Internet also published a photo of the abandoned positions of the occupiers in the Kharkiv region, who, fleeing from the Armed Forces,

even destroyed their false jaws.

According to InformNapalm, the occupiers from the

FSB took their families out of Crimea back in September


It is assumed in the community that the evacuation began immediately after a series of explosions at Crimean air bases

The intelligence community also recalled that the "unofficial mouthpiece of the FSB" - terrorist Ihor Girkin (Strelkov) actively announced the detonation of the Kerch bridge and even declared that Crimea could come under the control of Ukraine.

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