The Russian occupiers continue to wipe out the city of Orihiv in Zaporizhzhia, which is located near the front line, from the face of the earth.

The deputy mayor of Orihiv Svitlana Mandrych spoke about the crimes of the occupiers.

Mandrych reported that during the past day, October 11, the Russians searched the city all day and night.

Yesterday, 5 people died and 4 were injured in Orihiv.

In particular, 2 employees of REMU were killed, who bravely performed their work and restored the power supply, when the enemy shelling suddenly began.

There were 324 arrivals over Orikhov today.

As a result of enemy fire, 9 local residents were injured.

"This is today's price for the "Russian measure". The city's infrastructure is destroyed. The population is destroyed. The humanitarian headquarters is temporarily closed. The city council does not accept any statements, this is for your safety. The night is ahead. Explosions are heard again. We stick together. Everything will be Ukraine" , - said the deputy mayor.

Unbreakable Zaporozhye

We will remind you that in recent weeks, Russia has been shelling Zaporozhye and the region every day.

During the night of October 12, Russia fired as many as 

seven S-300 missiles at Zaporizhzhia. 

They hit one of the districts of the city and a village in the suburbs.

Three people were injured by the rocket attack, and they were pulled out from under the rubble.

In one of the villages of the Zaporizhzhya region, a family was rescued, which was under the rubble of a house as a result of a missile attack by the Russian army.

On October 11, the Russians launched a massive shelling of the Zaporizhzhia region, as a result of which 

7 people died. 

There are as many injured.

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