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Turkey wants to extend the validity of the "grain corridor" agreement, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalan announced, quoted by Anadolu Agency.

Callen told CNN late last week that Ankara wants to extend the grain supply deal with Ukraine, which expires next month.

We have discussed this issue with the Ukrainian side.

They are positive about this idea.

We are discussing the issue with the Russians as well, Ibrahim Kalan said.

The grain deliveries are made under an agreement signed in Istanbul on July 22 between Turkey, the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the United Nations, providing for the safe export of grain and food products from Ukrainian ports.

A Joint Coordination Center was established in Istanbul to inspect cargo. 

The amount of grain transported through Ukrainian ports exceeds 6 million tons

The initial agreement is for 120 days and expires in November.

According to the Turkish authorities, over 6.5 million tons of agricultural products have been exported from Ukraine through the "grain corridor" since August 1.

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