Star of Studio "Kvartal 95"

Yuriy Veliky

lifted the spirits of Ukrainians with his new



Fans of the actor rejoiced even more when they saw the famous journalist

Volodymyr Zolkin

interviewing captured occupiers in a new parody of Yuri the Great.

In the fresh fragment, Velikiy appears in the image already familiar to the audience - the Russian occupier of Vanka, who ended up in Ukrainian captivity.

Zolkin calls Vanka's wife, played by "Women's Quarter" actress Nastya Orujova.

When the journalist informs her that he has good news for her and her husband Ivan Yoptanakhov is in captivity, she replies: "Did he die? Did he die in captivity? Ah, alive... And when will he die? Would you be able to find out? I just wonder "Lada" took a close look at such a red one, the color of nails. And there are only two of them left. They are generally flying like hot cakes here."

When Zolkin hands over the phone to "Vanka" and he informs his wife that he is in captivity, the woman replies: "You hear me, please call me after 7 pm, I'm just now getting a manicure."

The occupier is puzzled and says: "Nastya, what are you, stupid? What after 7. I'm telling you, I'm a prisoner in Ukraine."

The woman says: "I'm in the salon for a manicure, I've been waiting here for a month to get in. It's hard to make an appointment."

When Vanka says that he has been in captivity for a month, Nastya notes: "Ah, that's why you haven't had anything from you for a whole month."

We will remind you that earlier, in a new parody of the Russian terrorist Girkin

, Yuri the Great

mocked the mobilization in the Russian Federation.

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