Former President Ma Ying-jeou went to Hukou today to support the re-elected Kuomintang Hsinchu County Mayor Yang Wenke and others, criticizing the mess of cross-strait relations after the DPP came to power, and the energy policy was wrong.

(Photo by reporter Huang Meizhu)

[Reporter Huang Meizhu / Hsinchu Report] Former President Ma Ying-jeou went to Hukou today to support the KMT's re-election of Hsinchu County Mayor Yang Wenke, and criticized the DPP's ruling, not only the cross-strait relations are in a mess, but the energy policy is wrong!

He also said that after the DPP closed down the Zhongtian TV station and harmed freedom of the press, recently "there is a weekly magazine in the green camp that wants to grab a TV (channel)", and President Tsai Ing-wen and President of the Executive Yuan Su Zhenchang intervened to put pressure on the NCC , emphasizing that "if this government is not replaced, Taiwan's politics will not be good."

Ma Ying-jeou said that in the past six years, Taiwan's cross-strait relations have been extremely bad.

In 2015, when he met Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping in Singapore, the British Economist Weekly editorial said, "This is the biggest concession the mainland and Taiwan have made on Taiwan's sovereignty since the 1980s."

At that time, no one would say that the two sides of the strait would go to war, but last year, the cover story of The Economist's May issue stated that "Taiwan is the most dangerous place in the world!" This is the consequence of the DPP ruling.

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He said that the CCP will not hit us during the eight years of his presidency, because he knows how to avoid war and seek peace.

Some people questioned that he did not sign any peace agreement with China. In fact, he signed 23 agreements with China on economic cooperation and so on, and each of them was a peace agreement, which created more than 5 million people traveling between the two sides of the strait every year. The number of students increased from less than 40,000 to 400,000, making Taiwan and China harmonious.

He said that the DPP government not only made a mess in cross-strait relations, but also made a big mistake in energy policy!

The DPP advocates a non-nuclear homeland and must stop all nuclear energy.

But now the resolution passed by the EU is to regard nuclear energy as green energy, because it does not emit carbon, so the world is developing nuclear energy, so that more nuclear energy can achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Ma Ying-jeou said that our government is very strange. The whole world is doing it and changing it. We are still doing non-nuclear homes there, and the most absurd thing is that the policy on the development of renewable energy is aimed at Destroy nuclear energy.

"This is a big joke" because the development of renewable energy all over the world is replacing fossil energy such as coal and natural gas.

Ma Ying-jeou said that he recently saw that a weekly magazine in the Green Camp wanted to grab a TV (channel). As a result, our president and the (Executive Yuan) president both intervened, and they wanted to put pressure on the NCC to replace the original cable TV channel. He was saddened to read this magazine.

He said that before the DPP shut down Zhongtian, it was a violation of press freedom, and now it is robbing TV stations. If this government is not replaced, Taiwan's politics will not be good.

And if the DPP is going to fall, the Kuomintang must win this year's election, and they will have a chance to fall in two years.