Winter in Ukraine will be very difficult for roads and not only for heating and electricity.

After all, the war had a significant impact on the provision of road traffic in winter.

The National Association of Road Workers of Ukraine announced this on the Web on October 7.

The biggest problem for the roads of Ukraine in winter is

the shortage of anti-icing reagents 

due to the shutdown of the "Artemsil" enterprise in Donetsk region.

Deposits in the west of Ukraine may later become an alternative.

However, this requires large investments and a long time to implement the project.

Only imports can compensate for the need for reagents in winter, which is six times higher than the previous costs.

That is, it will be necessary to purchase a smaller amount of reagents and make adjustments to the work of operational services.

"The mode of traffic on roads in difficult weather conditions should be adapted to the material and financial capabilities of the operating companies," the NADU stressed.

This means, first of all, that:

  • slips on the roads can be eliminated not as quickly as before;

  • restoration of normal traffic after snowfall may take longer than usual;

  • drivers will have to get used to the limited speed on the roads and, in case of significant deterioration of the weather, leave their cars at home;

  • drivers should pay more attention to preparing their cars for winter use: high-quality winter tires are a must; 

  • the car should have a supply of food, water, warm things, and fuel in case of force majeure.

    An autonomous charger for a mobile phone will also be useful.

Heating season in Ukraine

The heating season in Ukraine in 2022 will begin when the average daily temperature for three consecutive days will not be higher than +8°.

The air temperature in residential premises should not be lower than +16.

Note that the heating season has already started in Kyiv.

So, on October 7, the heat was turned on for institutions of the social sphere: hospitals, schools, kindergartens.

As for heating in residential buildings, the city authorities will be guided by the weather.

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