Mykhailo Podolyak

, adviser to the head of the President's Office, 

reacted to the statement of former Chancellor Angela Merkel and called it "pure hypocrisy".

He posted his response today, October 7, on Twitter.

"Pure hypocrisy. Russia invades Ukraine, destroys cities, arranges mass executions, threatens the world with weapons of mass destruction if it does not allow genocide and annexation. It would seem that everything is clear. But Mrs. Merkel comes out again and says: "Without Russia, there will be no strong peace". How to stop it?"

- said in Podolyak's post.

It will be recalled that

Merkel said that it is necessary to deal with the "future architecture of European security within the limits of international law", which will be stable only if Russia is included in it.

At the same time, she said that "it is very important that both Germany, the European Union, and NATO take a united and decisive position to protect and restore the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine."

Support of Germany

 At the beginning of October, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht 

arrived in Odesa .

 She announced the prompt delivery of the first promised unit of the IRIS-T ground air defense system.

German Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena 

Berbok expressed her support for Ukraine


According to her, there is currently no chance that the peace talks will end the war that Russia started against Ukraine.

He said that the proposals of the Russian president-dictator Vladimir Putin are contrary to peace.

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