The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Oleksandr Lukashenko, decided to present Russian dictator Vladimir Putin with a tractor on which he "works himself" on his anniversary.

The fake president said this before the informal summit, which is scheduled for October 7 in St. Petersburg, the video of his arrival in Russia is published on Telegram channels.

Russian propagandists asked Lukashenka what gift he brought to Putin for his birthday.

"Bulboführer" briefly replied that the

tractor was hand-made and with a seeder. 

It is interesting that the self-proclaimed president expressed concern for Ukraine, because "Europeans, in particular, Poles, are stealing bread from Ukraine due to hunger." 

"The tractor I work on is Belarusian. The best. Handmade. I will offer him (

Putin - ed.

) one attachment - a seeder.

We will sow bread, we will also grow Duda, Morawiecki


Prime Minister of Poland - ed.

) ,

Europe, so that they don't starve and don't steal bread from Ukraine, but take it to poor countries

," Lukashenko said.

PHOTOS are published by the Belarusian mass media

Putin celebrates his anniversary on October 7

Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrates his 70th anniversary on October 7.

On the Internet, the Russian dictator is "congratulated" on his birthday with memes and caricatures, as well as wishes to survive all the suffering that Ukrainians suffered because of the war he unleashed.

Meanwhile, former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Ilya Ponomaryov expressed his belief that for Putin, the current birthday on October 7 will be the last in the Kremlin.

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