During the combat day on October 6, the Ukrainian aviation made 7 strikes in the south of Ukraine.

This was reported in the Operational Command "South".

Ukrainian pilots hit strongholds and areas of concentration of enemy forces and assets in the Berislavsky district, as well as enemy air defense forces in the Kakhovsky district.

Rocket and artillery units completed 347 fire missions.

Confirmed losses of the enemy are: 

  • 105


  • 8


  • 18

    large-caliber howitzers "Msta-S" and "Msta-B"; 

  • 1

    self-propelled gun "Pion";

  • 1

    howitzer gun of 152 caliber; 

  • 4


  • 15

    units of armored vehicles; 

  • 3

    warehouses with ammunition in the Bashtan and Beryslav districts.



units of enemy equipment, including tanks, an armored combat vehicle, a howitzer and a radio-electronic warfare station, were significantly damaged.

We will remind, on the evening of October 6, combat units of the anti-aircraft forces of Ukraine destroyed two more drones of the Russian occupiers.

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