The granddaughter of the Russian singer

Alla Pugacheva , who

left Russia with her children

not so long ago


Nikita Presnyakov

was mobilized.

According to Russian mass media, Pugacheva's grandson was taken away just during a rehearsal in the theater.

However, the Moscow Provincial Theater denied this information, saying that Presnyakov last appeared on the stage of their theater in a musical on September 22.

He was involved in only one performance, and was not counted in the staff of the theater.

Presnyakov himself refused to comment on this news.

It should be noted that Nikita Presnyakov is the youngest son of Khrystyna Orbakaite, daughter of Alla Pugacheva, and singer Volodymyr Presnyakov.

Now the guy is 31 years old, so he is subject to mobilization in Russia.

However, according to RosZMI, Nikita Presnyakov did not serve in the army.

Meanwhile, rumors are spreading on the Internet that Alla Pugacheva, after leaving Russia,

put up for sale her famous castle

in the village of Gryaz near Moscow.

The diva estimated its value at 17 million dollars.

While it is being sold, Pugacheva's grandson, Mykyta Presnyakov, is looking after the castle, so he is in Russia and is at risk - he can really be taken to the war with Ukraine, given

his grandmother's anti-Putin position

and the fact that summonses also come to men with many children who never did not serve, and people with disabilities.

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