The worker surnamed Zhuo fell from the building at this construction site and was found lying down on the fourth underground floor.

(reported by Zhang Ruizhen)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] Two construction workers fell from a building in Taichung City today!

The worker surnamed Wu was constructing the B1 guardrail at the construction site in the east district in the morning, but fell to the floor of the B2 floor and was sent to the hospital for treatment.

The worker surnamed Zhuo fell from the building in the Xitun District construction site in the afternoon. Colleagues saw that he was lying down on B4 and lost his breathing and heartbeat.

Today's first fall from a building happened at around 10:25 in the morning. A 50-year-old worker surnamed Wu fell to the second floor when he was working on the first floor of a construction site in the East District. He fell to the second floor. His colleagues rushed to rescue him. Heartbeat and breathing, but unfortunately died of injuries at 12:35 noon.

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The second fall occurred at 4:41 pm. A 44-year-old worker surnamed Zhuo fell to the fourth floor of a construction site in Section 3 of Taiwan Avenue. When the fire department ambulance was reported to the scene, Zhuo Nan lost consciousness and heartbeat and was rushed to Lin. New hospital emergency.

The floor where Zhuo Nan fell is unknown, and the reason is still under investigation.

For two suspected industrial safety incidents, the police notified the labor inspection office to conduct an industrial safety investigation. The cause of the two falls is still unclear.

In the afternoon of the construction of this building in Xitun, Taichung, a worker fell from the building.

(reported by Zhang Ruizhen)