The newly


Russians were immediately sent to war against Ukraine, without even being provided with the necessary ammunition.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar stated this during the briefing.

"It turned out that the Ministry of Defense of Russia is unable to qualitatively organize the provision of mobilization conditions with everything necessary, so they bought most of the equipment at their own expense. The training of the conscripts was carried out in a very short time or they were sent immediately from the military commissariats to the area of ​​hostilities," said the deputy minister.

She also added that the practice of burning the bodies of the dead continues to be used en masse in the Russian army to hide real losses.

"The Russian command, against the background of successful counteroffensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in order to hide real losses, is massively using the practice of burning the bodies of the dead, including those who recently arrived for mobilization," said Malyar.

We will remind that

a mutiny begins among the mobilized in Russia.

More than 100 mobilized from the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation, who are now in the Belgorod village of Soloty, refused to go to war with Ukraine.

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