Shahed-136 kamikaze drones of Iranian production can fly not only to the Kyiv region, but also to the capital itself.

As for the attack on Bila Tserkva, the Russians took it as a target because of the large military town located there.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about this in an interview with "UNIAN".

"Of course, they can," he answered when asked about the ability of drones to fly to Kyiv.

"They say that this Shahed-136 can fly up to two thousand kilometers. I don't know where so much fuel comes from, in my opinion, these are very exaggerated figures. But I will even tell you geographically - Bila Tserkva is not much south of Kyiv. And

if really the drones flew from the side of Belarus, then they flew over Kyiv

," the expert noted.

He also commented on why the Russian military did not attack the capital, although they could have done so.

"Kyiv is no different from other cities of Ukraine. The only thing we have done is to strengthen the air defense system throughout the country by supplying us, including S-300 systems, from our partners. We have increased the density of air defense. The higher the air defense density, the better it works," Zhdanov said.

As for Bila Tserkva, by striking it, the invaders could demonstrate that kamikaze drones are capable of flying past Kyiv.

"In Bila Tserkva there is a rather large military town, which is probably of more interest to the Russian Federation. I think that is why it could become a target. And secondly, they may have

specifically shown that they are able to fly past Kyiv

, and it is not a fact that the next attack will not try to return to Kyiv," the military expert suggested.

In addition, he told how the Ukrainian air defense system works when it is necessary to shoot down Iranian-made drones.

"I understand that the first strike, as always, is more or less sudden from them and, accordingly, we miss some of these drones. And already starting with the second, we shoot down. On the same night over Odessa, two "mopeds" - minus , we shot down two such drones. In other words, air defense is working well in Odesa. I think that

already from the second fire raid, air defense will work in Bila Tserkva

and in other cities," Zhdanov explained.

We will remind you that on the night of October 5, invaders from the south of Ukraine attacked the city of Bila Tserkva with six kamikaze drones, attacking the infrastructure.

Three buildings were damaged.

An ignition occurred at the point of impact.

At the same time, it was possible to shoot down six such drones.

As a result of the attack on Bila Tserkva, one person was injured.

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