In particular, the Russians started partial mobilization

in Starobil region and Kremin region


However, summonses to the army are distributed to both students and people of non-conscription age. 

This was announced by the head of Luhansk OVA, Serhii Gaidai.

"Why not forced, but rather partial - is explained simply: supposedly these territories are already part of the Russian Federation, and a partial mobilization has been announced there. They are issued to everyone indiscriminately - to students, to the sick, and to the elderly," the message reads.

In the Starobil district, Russians, together with military commissars, go around the yards and hand out summonses.

The situation is the same in Kreminnaya, Gaidai emphasized.

As reported, in captured Melitopol, 

men are caught just on the streets


They are taken to the commandant's office or the so-called military committee established in the city.

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