When the Armed Forces of Ukraine enter Kreminnaya and Svatovoy in the

Luhansk Region

, then the line of defense that Russia is trying to create may not be able to make it, and that would be very good for us.   

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told Channel 24 about this.

"There is unverified information that the Russians have started to evacuate from Kreminnaya and it already looks like a system. The Russian General Staff is very afraid of being surrounded," he said.

Zhdanov believes that the General Staff of the Russian Federation is waiting for a signal from above and as soon as the danger of the encirclement appears, they will withdraw regular units.

"If the Russians escape from the defense line in the East, it is a good sign, but it should be added that there are many forests near the Liman and it may not be easy to investigate it for the remaining Russian troops," the expert added.

We will remind,

eight settlements were liberated by the Armed Forces of the Kherson region.

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