The President of Ukraine emphasized that Ukrainians know that they are on their land and we do not need daily lectures on "alternative history" and political information.

The Russian authorities still cannot explain to their citizens why they need this war, mobilization and destruction of prospects. 

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said this during an address to Ukrainians on October 5. 

"Even if you find some other weapon somewhere in the world with the same "natural" name for your "Russian world" as these Iranian Shahed, with which you are trying to bomb our cities, such as, for example, Bila Tserkva... This it won't help you anyway.

You've already lost

. You've lost because even now, on the 224th day of a full-scale war, you have to explain to your society why all this is necessary: ​​this war, the false mobilization and the self-destruction of all the prospects of your people." , - the president emphasized. 

Zelensky added that Ukrainians do not need Putin's daily lectures on "alternative history".

"When people feel they are right and are on their own land, they know everything themselves. They

don't need intrusive lectures on "alternative history" and political information sessions every day

- sometimes at meetings with teachers, sometimes at meetings about the course of seasonal field work. Ukrainians they know what they are fighting for. And more and more citizens of Russia

realize that they have to die simply because one person does not want to stop the war

," the Ukrainian president explained. 

It will be recalled that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin declared that the cause of the war was the attempts of Ukraine and the West to "tear history apart", since in his fantasies Ukrainian territories were once "Russian".

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