The Kuomintang Miaoli county magistrate Xu Yaochang publicly stood for Zhong Dongjin, a candidate for Miaoli county magistrate without party membership, but his party membership was revoked by the county party department yesterday.

(Provided by Zhong Dongjin's team)

[Reporters Peng Jianli, Shi Xiaoguang/Comprehensive Report] The Kuomintang Miaoli County Mayor Xu Yaochang publicly stood for Zhong Dongjin, a candidate without party membership, on the second day.

Xu Yaochang responded that he had no opinion, and it didn't matter what the county party department or the party center would do, but he was worried that the KMT-nominated county mayor candidate Xie Fuhong would be just a puppet after being elected.

Liu Zhenghong, chairman of the Kuomintang's Miaoli County Party Department and former county magistrate, announced yesterday that Xu Yaochang had publicly stood for Zhong Dongjin, which had violated party discipline. The Central Examination Committee will discuss and decide.

Huang Jianting, secretary-general of the Kuomintang, emphasized in an interview that when and what kind of punishment will be taken, the authority of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection will be respected in the end.

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Xu Yaochang said in an interview, "If you want to separate people, you must first punish yourself", and pointed out that the target is Liu Zhenghong.

In an interview, Xu added that he has no opinion on party discipline, but he just looked down on Liu Zhenghong when he was nominated by the Kuomintang to run for re-election as county magistrate four years ago, and ran to replace Xu Dingzhen (then a candidate for county magistrate without party membership) On the platform, Liu is not qualified to serve as the chairman of the county party department.

Xu Yaochang pointed out that Xie Fuhong has no team, and all the campaign team members are Liu Zhenghong's men. He worries that even if Xie is elected, he will be just a puppet.

Regarding being accused of standing for Xu Dingzhen four years ago, Liu Zhenghong emphasized that there was no such thing. At that time, he accompanied the county councilor Zhang Shufen to register. When he came out to meet Xu Dingzhen's camp, he just said hello, and he was wearing Zhang Shufen's campaign vest.

Xu Yaochang responded to Liu's statement, saying that this was just a cover-up, and everyone knew what Liu Zhenghong was doing under the table.

Xu Dingzhen: The Liu and Xu factions continue their political struggle

Xu Dingzhen, a candidate for the Miaoli County Mayor of the DPP, said that Liu Zhenghong is now the chairman of the Miao County Party Department of the Kuomintang. The decision is still to be discussed at the Party Central Committee Disciplinary Examination Meeting. The results at that time will confirm whether the Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun is fake row black, played fake balls, raised high and gently put down, the whole country is watching.

Zhong Dongjin: Gu Xu will trigger a greater rebound from party members

Zhong Dongjin took grievances for Xu Yaochang and said that the KMT's move would only lead to a greater backlash from party members.

Xie Fuhong: Zhong concealed too many appalling criminal records

Xie Fuhong criticized Zhong Dongjin for concealing so many appalling criminal records. Based on the principle of right and wrong, Xu Yaochang did not keep the dignity and value of Miaoli County; Xu Yaochang was elected as the two county magistrates nominated by the Kuomintang, but now he has seriously violated party discipline. Live up to the long-term cultivation of the Kuomintang, and also live up to the trust of the folks.

The Kuomintang called on all party members to unite and support Xie Fuhong, put the overall situation first, and avoid bitterness and hatred.