“Old and new” is the cycle of everything in this crooked world.

So are civil servants.

to reach the highest position or not

It must have a date from?

During this period, many agencies have a "happy and sad" atmosphere, not even the police industry.

Unlikely to occupy the position of "Pakistak 1" has taken the position.

Plus, Fit Bang has called more than 250 general-level police officers across the country to come and deliver the policy on a holiday on Saturday, October 1, ever.

for that reason

Police work never stops!?

Announcement of 3 urgent policies 1. Solving the drug epidemic problem

2. Prevention and suppression of online crime and 3. Upgrading of public service of police stations.

It's not surprising because all 3 issues are problems of society right now?

like drugs

Although the police are chasing and arresting both small and large every day.

But it seems that the drug trafficking movement from the Golden Triangle has not collapsed.

Plus, there's a finesse that makes the investigative set a headache.

Recently, even making fake drugs

Release the news for the police to chase after each other.

When I took it in the lab (lab), it was found that it was a fake drug!

The second urgent matter is technological crime.

including many call centers, such as romance scams, pretending to be government agencies

The police themselves were taken by their names and falsely pretended that the villagers had lost their money.

To this day, these processes have not faded.

Because the telephone network and the Internet do not cooperate in the investigation.

Let these gangs continue to rent channels to do bad things!

and the last urgent matter

That hits and is a problem causing the police to be scolded every day is

upgrading of public service

This is the heart of the police image.

In the latter part, the adults neglected to pay attention!

Will it help to monitor how much improvements have been made?