The political world still revolves around "Big Tu" Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, he himself still does not know what to do with the future on the path of power.

Will you continue or will this be enough?

or to place a political heir to continue

After people have watched that the power of 3 years is still tight, holding hands, continue with the dream of making a "hat-trick" to inherit power for another period or not.

Because pole 3 P. has both strengths.

in itself a weakness

Its strength is that it's the perfect blend of synergies with different groups, especially the “power back-up team” behind all the shoots.

The weak point is the rottenness in which the surrounding 3 year olds are hungry for power and benefit.

until it turns into rust

that erodes the stability of the government itself

The issue of the 8-year agenda of "Big Tu" is another matter that the backup team has to waste costs to carry.

Even though society has to accept the decision of the judge of the Constitutional Court by a majority

But the reasons for the judicial minority, 3 in 6, have more weight to disprove.

Recently, the decision of "Nopadon Theppitak", another minority judge, has been published.

gave reasons for diagnosing the status of Prime Minister

Gen. Prayut ended the constitution under section 170, in conjunction with section 158, paragraph four. It is interesting that

The 1960 constitution stipulates more stringent statutes limiting the length of time as a prime minister than the 1950 constitution, without specifying exceptions for prime ministers following a coup.

In addition, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet

According to the transitional provisions section 264, there are still full duties and powers in the administration of the State affairs in all respects.

By the 57th interim constitution, section 6, paragraph two, the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) serves both the House of Representatives, the Senate and the National Assembly.

Although the 2014 interim constitution does not have a clear provision for limiting the term of office of Prime Minister.

because the content is short and compact

However, it appears in section 5, paragraph one, which stipulates on the observance of the tradition of governing Thailand in a democratic regime with the King as Head of State.

Therefore, it is considered that the principle of limiting the term of office of Prime Minister for more than 8 years still exists.

therefore equating the term of office as prime minister as fact

and Article 158, paragraph four, is a matter of controlling executive powers.

It's not about the rights and freedoms of the people.

If not stating that it can be done

would mean that it can't

This is in line with the opinion of "Thaveekiat Meenakanit", another minority judge.

“Too long to be in office and in power to have a solid foundation.

causing a commitment to the person

As a result, the mechanism of checks and balances

which was the foundation of democracy was eventually destroyed.

became leading the nation towards authoritarian regimes

by adhering to the individual rather than the principles of democracy

that need to be rotated to change

which may cause a political crisis to occur.”

Today, Gen. Prayut has only two options left: to make the nation peaceful.

Or it will become the trigger of the crisis itself.

"Solar Fire"