The Prime Minister of Moldova, Nataliya Gavrilitsa, declared the necessity of extending the 60-day state of emergency, which will end this weekend.

APA reports that the Prime Minister said this at the government meeting.

"Today, the commission on the state of emergency proposed to the government and the country's parliament to extend the state of emergency for the next 60 days.

This is very important for managing the crisis and risks faced by the country," he said.

During the regime's validity period, the commission will be able to control the regulation of the use of natural gas and other energy sources in the country.

Also, during this period, the budget will allocate funds, coordinate the activities of mass media and implement other urgent measures.

The Prime Minister also noted that Moldova has been in this mode since the end of last year due to interruptions in the supply of natural gas.

The situation in Ukraine was also cited as an additional reason.