The Ukrainian military, liberating cities and villages, reached the Luhansk region after their successes in the Kharkiv region and the Kherson region.

Thus, on October 5, it became officially known about the de-occupation of six settlements of the Luhansk Region. collected everything that is known about the situation in Luhansk region.

Bilogorivka was the first settlement of the region freed from the occupiers


Its armed forces were de-occupied as early as the 20th of September.

There, Ukrainian defenders destroyed a lot of Russian equipment, seized trophies and captured more than 20 invaders.

Thus, thanks to the accurate work of scouts and artillerymen, Ukrainian infantrymen were able to quietly enter enemy positions near Bilogorivka.


operation was successful, with minimal losses

, very quickly. We managed it in a matter of hours," the Ukrainian military said.

When the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Liman in Donetsk region from the invaders on October 1, Serhii Gaidai, the head of the Luhansk regional administrative unit, immediately announced the beginning of the de-occupation of the region headed by him.

On the same day, the adviser of the Office of the President Oleksiy Arestovych hinted at the advance of Ukrainian troops in Luhansk region.

He referred to "evil tongues" who reported that the

Armed Forces of Ukraine were fighting with the Russians in the areas of Kuzmine and Zarichne settlements.

Why it is very important to free Svatov

On October 3, Gaidai informed that the Russian occupiers were taking people out of the Svativ psychiatric hospital in order to turn it into a place of defense.

Obviously, the enemies were preparing for the arrival of Ukrainian troops.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have every chance to win in the city of Svatove

, Luhansk region, Arestovych predicted on October 4.

However, he noted that the liberation of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk is still a long way off.

"We will say what is said in the Russian public. That the "evil armed forces" are simultaneously developing an offensive in the Kharkiv region: from Kupyansk to Svatove, from Drobyshevo to Svatove and are moving to Kreminnaya," said the adviser to the OP.

Military analyst Ihal Levin explained why it is so important for Ukrainian troops to release Svatov. 

"Svatov is a key point. It opens up control over the operational areas, including the steppes that lead to Starobilsk. Svatove and Starobilsk are the main hubs there, logistical points, the main support points. 

When we talk about the liberation of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, it is the key before that, it is Svatov and Starobilsk

," the analyst noted.

Preparation of the occupiers for defense

On October 4, Gaidai informed that the defenders of Ukraine had already approached the border of the Luhansk region in the north-west.

At the same time, the enemies were preparing for defense: they mined the territory, in particular access roads, bridges, administrative buildings and landmark buildings.

"Soon we will ask the population of the occupied territories to evacuate from the cities, so that they are not injured during the counteroffensive," the head of the Luhansk OVA reported.

In particular, the Russian army was preparing for the defense of Kreminnaya, drawing a large number of personnel there and mining the territory.

As Gaidai explained,

Kreminna is an important destination for the Armed Forces

, because from this city the roads to Starobilsk, Rubizhne and Severodonetsk open.

On October 5, the head of the Luhansk region announced the official start of its liberation by Ukrainian forces.

Thus, national flags were installed in some settlements.

Already in the evening of the same day, Gaidai announced the

liberation of six settlements in the Luhansk region.

"I can say that as of today, six settlements in Luhansk region have been liberated," said the head of the OVA.

He also assured that the residents of the occupied region are waiting for the return of Ukraine.

Among them there are those who live in the occupation since 2014.

Gaidai also advised the residents of the occupied territories of Luhansk region to leave as far as possible from the front line or stay near shelters.

We will remind, according to the assessment of military expert Myhal Samus, after the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate the city of Svatove, the Russians will have a front.

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