Ke Jianming appealed to Gao Hongan not to lie and gossip all the time, but to be honest with himself.

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[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The Information Policy Council confirmed today (5) that the Ph.D. dissertation of Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongan of the People's Party is 80% similar to the Capital Planning Commission's drawing thesis, and the copyright belongs to the Information Policy Council; Gao Hongan questioned, It was because the General Assembly of the Democratic Progressive Party of the Legislative Yuan called Ke Jianming to exert strong pressure and political power to intervene, so that the Information Policy Council changed its tune.

Ke Jianming retorted that Gao Hongan should not always try to escape and talk nonsense, but should be honest with himself, otherwise he will only be seen by voters.

Gao Hongan questioned that the article had a copyright dispute in response to the CSC's claim that when the weekly report was published, the CSC issued a statement on the same day that "there is no authorization for academic use."

During this period of time, under strong pressure from Ke Jianming and others, the Zice Council changed its tune to advocate suspected copyright concerns, which is believed to be the result of political intervention.

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In this regard, Ke Jianming bluntly said in an interview that the initial statement of the Information Policy Association was also pressure from Gao Hongan?

Gao Hongan told the weekly that these things must be clarified in court. Whether plagiarism is an iron-clad fact, how dare the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Information Policy Council dare to talk nonsense in the Legislative Yuan, let alone put pressure on them.

In addition, the issue of Gao Hongan going to the United States to study with a double salary, of course, needs to be checked now.

Ke Jianming described it as if a thief was caught by the police and should try his best to prove his innocence, but Gao Hongan in turn questioned the legitimacy of public power and urged her not to keep trying to escape and gossip. The whole country takes these operations seriously. , Repeated lies will only be seen through by rational Hsinchu citizens.